The Perfect Sheet For You

Learn how to choose your own perfect sheet

With so many fabric materials to choose from, finding your perfect sheet is in fact largely based on your personal preference. Whether you prefer a lightweight linen or crisp Egyptian cotton, when it comes to buying sheets, it’s all about the experience the sense of touch.

How important is thread count?

There is a common misconception that the quality of a sheet is counted on its thread count. As thread count is merely measure of weight, it is only one of the things to consider when selecting sheets. The overall quality of the thread, the quality and size of the yarn, and how the sheet is finished are also accountable when selecting.

Percale – crisp and breathable

Cotton percale is known for its tight, signature weave which makes for a crisp and breathable feeling sheet. Smooth to touch, cotton percale is made by weaving one thread over and under another. Our Essentials Collection exudes uncomplicated luxury. This highly durable sheet set feels smooth against the skin, softening wash after wash.

Sateen – silky and indulgent

Crafted using 100% cotton, sateen sheets typically offer a higher thread count, giving them a beautiful sheen finish. To create high quality sheets fit for a 5-star hotel, sateen is crafted by weaving four threads over and one thread under. In comparison to percale, sateen sheets are slightly heavier and more tightly woven. For those looking for indulgence, our Deluxe Collection is made with superior quality cotton, creating the ultimate sleeping environment.

Egyptian cotton – luxurious yet lightweight

In Shoplinen, all of our sheets are made by Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is finely spun to ensure maximum durability, while feeling lightweight on the skin. Perfect for all season use, Egyptian cotton also works to retain body heat during the cooler seasons.

Linen – light and durable

If you prefer the feel of a light and airy sheet, linen is perfect fabric for all seasons, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Highly durable, linen gradually softens, becoming more comfortable over time. Crafted using 100% French flax, our Linen Sheet is a finely spun linen, with a laidback aesthetic. More durable than many cotton percales, linen is ultra comfortable and designed to last.

Caring Guide

To enchance the longevity of your sheets, washing them every week is recommended. This ensures body oils are removed from your sheets, protecting the fabric and keeping them hygenic. Before first use, wash your sheets separately using a mild and diluted detergent. Setting your machine to a slow, 40 degree cycle to protects the fibres by removing any surface residues.


Our sheet collection can be line or tumble dried.

Size Guide

Single Flat Sheet – 180cm X 260cm
Double (4 Feet) Flat Sheet – 230cm X 260cm
Double (4.5 Feet) Flat Sheet – 230cm X 260cm
Queen Flat Sheet – 245cm X 260cm
King Flat Sheet – 275cm X 260cm


Single Fitted Sheet – 91cm X 190cm X 40cm
Double (4 Feet) Fitted Sheet – 122cm X 190cm X 40cm
Double (4.5 Feet) Fitted Sheet – 137cm X 190cm X 40cm
Queen Fitted Sheet – 152cm X 203cm X40cm
King Fitted Sheet – 180cm X 203cm X 40cm


Single Duvet Cover- 140cm X 210cm
Double (4 Feet) Duvet Cover – 180cm X 210cm
Double (4.5 Feet) Duvet Cover – 180cm X 210cm
Queen Duvet Cover – 210cm X 210cm
King Duvet Cover – 245cm X 210cm


Standard Pillowcase – 50cm X 75cm
King Pillowcase – 50cm X 85cm