We’re Shoplinen

We make comfort affordable.

We are dedicated to each manufacturing process to deliver a premium product in a more accessible price for everyone.

Our Story

It begins with the finest materials and craftsmanship.


Shoplinen is developed by an interior designer who is keen on balancing quality, style and comfort.


The story of this brand begins from a hotel interior project where the quality of bedding was impressively comfortable. Hence the designer started to look for similar products in his home town.Yet, same quality bedding with affordable prices are rarely found.


For that reason, the essential aim of Shoplinen is to use finest materials and making high quality bedding more accessible.


– Matthew Li, Founder & CEO


How we works

We save cost to benefit you.

We sell luxury quality bedding at lower prices compared to the market.

If you are wondering how we are able do that, take a look at the below details in explaining our process.


Why we are unique.

We source finest materials and collaborate with the same suppliers to make things different.

In this way, our prices are relatively controllable compared with some other brands.