The Perfect Sheet For You

To find your perfect sheet, always depends on your own preference. When it come to buying sheets, it’s all about how you actually feel no matter what kind of fabric you choose. Thread count doesn’t matter as much as you think. So, do not blindly follow the thread count of the sheet.

About Our Sheets

We only offer high quality sheets to our customers, but how we do it?
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Quality Comes First

Egyptian Long Staple Cotton

Long Staple Cotton, The highest quality fabrics have long-staple fibers. This creates stronger and finer yarns, this leads to a smooth and supple weave. In contrast, shorter fibers an often break causing pilling and generally weakening the fabric.


Light, Soft, Long-lasting

Single-Ply Yarn

Yarn ply is the amount of how many yarns used in a thread. A low quality manufacturers, use mutli-yarn to process of twisting multiple yarns together to increase the thread count of the sheet.

We specify use single-ply yarn because it produces the best and strongest threads. It can only be spun from long-staple cotton, and results in lighter, stronger thread and the sheets will last more longer.

Multi-ply yarns are a group of fibers twisted together to create a false strength. They use mostly lower-grade, shorter-staple cottons. Result in thicker, coarser and heavier threads.


Thread Count Explained.

Thread Count

Nowadays, many manufacturers usually use deceptively high thread counts, sometimes it will be more than thousand thread. Apart from counting one thread woven in a square inch, they also count the number of fibers which twisted in the thread to come up with an amazing number. A higher thread count does not necessarily mean a higher quality sheet.


Thread counts advertised in excess of 500 are often misrepresented by manufacturers in order to trick customers. They count not just each thread, but each ply spun together within each thread.

Secret Of Our Cozy Sheets




Percale weave is one yarn over and one yarn under weave. This leads to a matte finish with crisp and smooth feel, ensures that you sleep ‘cool’ on warm nights. Percale is also the strongest of all available weaves. Our Essential Sheets made by long staple Egyptian cotton get softer with every wash, don’t pill and last longer.

Shoplinen choose Percale Weave for our Essential Range.



Sateen weave is three yarn over and one yarn under weave. This gives a greater surface area for a much softer and smooth feel. Sateen is more tightly woven and heavier in weight than Percale. This is warm and buttery soft, ideal for four season. The construction of the fabric gives sateen weave a grain, so it drapes beautifully over the bed as well.

Shoplinen choose Sateen Weave for our Deluxe Range.